Sansa Frau (Navy/Fuchsia)


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  • Suecos home shoes are very comfortable shoes, as they have features such as breathable outer lining, EVA sole and padded insole that make walking with them a pleasure.

  • If we look for a comfortable and ergonomic footwear to be in our home, the Suecos house slippers are our best solution. These shoes to be at home are designed to bring comfort to our feet and this happens thanks to the design and materials with which they are manufactured. First of all, they are made with synthetic fiber, which allows them to dry very fast, that are breathable and, in turn, protect from the cold; second, his EVA sole cushions the impact of each footprint; On the other hand, its double padding template provides great comfort; and, finally, Sansa shoes are made of natural rubber and cork, which helps them adapt perfectly to each foot shape.

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